Laksmisa (16. od. 17. Jh.)


Lakṣmīśa (16. oder 17. Jahrhundert). Kannaḍa-Autor, Verfasser des Jaiminibhārata. E. P. Rice: „... Lakshmīśa, a Śrī-Vaishṇava Brāhman of Dēvanūr in Kadur tālūk, is the author of the Jaimini Bhārata, which is more famous than any other work of Kanarese literature, esteemed alike by learned and unlearned, and universally studied. Little is known of the poet, and his exact date is not yet determined. An initial date is given by the fact that he has imitated a number of verses from Virūpāksha (1585). As the earliest reference yet found to him is by Lakshma-kavi (1724), and thenceforth he is frequently mentioned, it is probable that he lived in or about the close of the seventeenth century ... His poem is written throughout in shaṭpadi, and is the best speciment of that style. It is a free rendering of a Sanskrit work which bears the name of Jaimini Bhārata or Aśva-Jaimini, ascribed to the legendary sage Jaimini“ (E. P. Rice: History of Kanarese literature. - 2nd ed. - Calcutta : Association Press ; London : Oxford University Press, 1921, S. 85).

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