Davies, John (†1890)


Davies, John (†1890 oder †1900?). Laut T. R. Roberts: Eminent Welshmen : a short biographical dictionary of Welshmen. Vol. 1. Cardiff & Merthyr Tydfil : The Educational Publ. Comp., 1908, S. 49: "Davies, John -1900, a clergyman and Sanskrit scholar, who was of Welsh parentage, was rector of Walsoken, in Norfolk, from 1857 to 1871, but afterwards gave up active service in the church and devoted himself to literature".

Lit.: [VIAF ID:12436045] (nach LCAuth, BNF, NLA starb Davies 1890). - Roberts: Eminent Welshmen, Vol. 1, S. 49 (Davies starb 1900)