2008 Bakker: Mansar

Bakker, Hans (*1948) [Hrsg.]
Mansar : the discovery of Pravareśvara and Pravarapura, temple and residence of the Vākāṭaka king Pravarasena II ; proceedings of a symposium at the British Museum, London, 30 June - 1 July, 2008 / Hans Bakker (ed.). - Groningen : Library of the University of Groningen, 2008. - Getr. Zählung. - ISBN 978-90-367-3688-6. [Online-Veröffentlichung].

URL: http://irs.ub.rug.nl/dbi/4ccec5f085aa0 (Univ. Groningen, Library) [PDF]

URL: http://archiv.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/savifadok/volltexte/2010/1400/ (SavifaDok, Univ. Heidelberg) [PDF]

Darin enthalten:
1. Hans Bakker: Mansar. Pravarasena and his Capital: An Introduction [ilustrierte Präsentation ohne Seitenzählung]
2. Martine Kropman: The seals and inscriptions from Mansar. 8, [20] S. : Ill.
3. Michael Willis: Cosmetics and Goddesses: the Wellsted Collection at the British Museum. 8 S. : Ill.
4. Claudine Bautze-Picron: Headdresses at Mansar. 15 S. : Ill.
5. Peter Bisschop: The skull on Śiva's Head: Preliminary Observations on a Theme in the Śaiva Art of Mansar. 17 S. : Ill.
6. Kaoru Nagata: The Problems in the Identifications of Gaṇa-like Images from Mansar: Is it Śiva or Gaṇa? 10 S. : Ill.
7. Ellen M. Raven: Brick Terraces at Ahicchatra and Mansar: A Comparison. 11 S. : Ill.
8. Natasja Bosma: The Mansar Sculptures & Ajanta. 12 S. : Ill.
9. Walter M. Spink: Harisena's unification of the Vakataka Dynasty: its implications for “post-Vakataka” monuments. [7] S.
10. Hans Bakker: Mansar and its Eastern Neighbours: Mansar Architecture and the Temples in Nagarā and Dakṣiṇa Kosala. [illustrierte Präsentation ohne Seitenzählung]
11. John Siudmak: Brief Note on a Sword Found at Mansar. [illustrierte Präsentation ohne Seitenzählung]
Bibliography. [3] S.