2012 Chierichetti: La dottrina degli avatāra ...

Chierichetti, Pietro (*19--)
„La dottrina degli avatāra come prova per la datazione dell’Abhinayadarpaṇa di Nandikeśvara”. - In: Antropologia e Teatro. Rivista di Studi. - 3 (2012), S. 1-25.

URL: http://antropologiaeteatro.unibo.it/article/view/2673 (Antropologia e Teatro, Univ. Bologna) [PDF]

Abstract: As it often happens for many works of the Indian literature in Sanskrit, it is difficult to determine a possible datng of Nandikeśvara’s Abhinayadarpaṇa: in his artcle, the author tries to assume an inner element of the text for a hypothesis about the period in which the work could be dated back to. The Viṣṇu’s avatāras, quoted in the text through a series of hand gestures, are scientfcally examined to defne the work from a chronological point of view. The Abhinayadarpaṇa, one of the most important texts of the Indian Dance-Theatre, is put in the broader landscape of the Indian ancient religion and the hindū religion history becomes an interestng tool through which the text’s history is reconstructed.