1860 Burgess: Translation of the Surya-Siddhanta

Burgess, Ebenezer (1805-1870) [Übers.]
„Translation of the Sûrya-Siddhânta, a text-book of Hindu astronomy : with notes, and an appendix“ / by Ebenezer Burgess. - In: Journal of the American Oriental Society. - 6 (1860). - New Haven : American Oriental Society, 1860, S. 141-498.
Einheitssachtitel: Sūryasiddhānta <engl.>
Notiz: Beteiligt: Whitney, William Dwight (1827-1894). Vgl. Stephen G. Alter: William Dwight Whitney and the science of language. - Baltimore and London : The Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2005, S. 281, Anm. 3: „An initial translation of the Suryasiddhanta has been made by Ebenezer Burgess, a retired missionary to India and a member of the AOS. Yet Whitney, ostensibly serving as Burgess's assistant, was obliged to revise the whole of Burgess's work, which he described as 'worthless'“.

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