Campbell, Donald (1751-1804)


Campbell, Donald (*1751, †5. Juni 1804 in Hutton, Essex). „Captain of a Cavalry regt. in the service of the Nawab of the Carnatic; at the age of 30 he made a journey to india and published an account of it, 1795; travelled vid Venice, Trieste, Zante, Alexandria, Cyprus, Aleppo, Bagdad, Russia and Bushire; by sea to Bombay and Goa; shipwrecked on the coast on his way to Madras; captured by Hyder Ali's soldiers and imprisoned at Hydernagar, in company with one Hall, to whom he was chained. Hall died in prison, and his gaoler refused to remove the corpse for several days; eventually, on General Matthew's approach, he was released in order to negotiate with him on behalf of Hyat Singh, Hyder's General; with despatches for the Government of Bombay and Madras, he proceeded by sea to Anjengo, travelled by land through Travancore, Tinnevelly, Madura, Trichonopoly, Tanjore to Negapatam, and Madras; with Lord Macartney's permission, went on to Calcutta and, on behalf of Hyat Singh, negotiated with Warren Hastings; returned overland to Madras and Anjengo; thence by sea to Bombay; again visited Madras and China, and returned to England in 1785, after four years' absence“ (Buckland).

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