1908 Sarvajnamitra: Sragdhara-stotram

Sarvajñamitra (8. Jh.)
Sragdharā stotram [Devanagari-Schr.] = Sragdharā-stotram : or A hymn to Tārā in Sragdharā metre = Phreṅ ba 'dzin pa'i bstod pa [tibet. Schr.] / by Bhikṣu Sarvajña Mitra of Kāśmīra with the Sanskrit comm. of Jina Rakṣita, together with two Tibetan versions. Ed. by Satis Chandra Vidyabhusana. - Calcutta : Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1908. - xxx, 278 S. - (Bauddha-stotra-saṃgrahaḥ or a collection of Buddhist hymns ; 1) (Bibliotheca Indica ; 166)

Sarvajñamitra (8. Jh.)


Sarvajñamitra (ca. 8. Jh.). Buddhistischer Autor aus Kashmir.

Lit.: [VIAF ID: 3327444]. [VIAF ID: 35808522]. • Martin Willson: In praise of Tārā : songs to the saviouress ; source texts from India and Tibet on Buddhism's great Goddess / selected, transl. and intros. by Martin Willson. - Somverville, Mass. : Wisdom Publications, 1986, S. 251 ff.

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