Kellogg, Samuel H.

1885 Kellogg: The Light of Asia and the Light of the World

Kellogg, Samuel Henry (1839-1899)
The Light of Asia and the Light of the World : a comparison of the legend, the doctrine, & the ethics of the Buddha with the story, the doctrine, & the ethics of Christ / by S. H. Kellogg. - London : Macmillan, 1885. - xx, 390 S.

1876 Kellogg: A Grammar of the Hindi Language

Kellogg, Samuel Henry (1839-1899)
A grammar of the Hindi language : in which are treated the standard Hindí, Braj, and the Eastern Hindí of the Rámáyan of Tulsí Dás, also the colloquial dialects of Marwar, Kumaon, Avadh, Baghelkhand, Bhojpur, etc.; with copious philological notes / by the Rev. S. H. Kellogg. - Allahabad : Printed at the Am. Pres. Mission Press, 1876. - xviii, 380, 26, 9 S.

Kellogg, Samuel Henry (1839-1899)


Kellogg, Samuel Henry (*6. Sept. 1839 in Quogue, NY, †3. Mai 1899 in Landour [heute in Uttarakhand, Indien]). US-amerikanischer Missionar in Indien (Presbyterian Church). Er hielt sich zwischen 1865 und 1876 und von 1892 bis 1899 in Indien auf.

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