2010 Milligan: Study of inscribed reliefs

Milligan, Matthew David (*1985)
A study of inscribed reliefs within the context of donative inscriptions at Sanchi / by Matthew David Milligan. - Austin, 2010. - xi, 131 S. : Ill.
Hochschulschrift: Austin, Univ. of Texas, Master thesis, 2010

1854 Cunningham: Bhilsa topes

Cunningham, Alexander (1814-1893)
The Bhilsa topes : or, Buddhist monuments of Central India ; comprising a brief historical sketch of the rise, progress, and decline of Buddhism ; with an account of the opening and examination of the various groups of topes around Bhilsa / by Alexander Cunningham. - London : Smith, Elder and Co., 1854. - XXXVI, 370 S. : Ill.
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