Campbell, William

1839 Campbell: British India

Campbell, William (1799-1878)
British India in its relation to the decline of Hindooism, and the progress of Christianity : containing remarks on the manners, customs, and literature of the people ; on the effects which idolatry has produced on the support which the British government has afforded to their superstitions ; on education, and the medium through which it should be given / by the Rev. William Campbell. Ill. with engravings on wood by G. Baxter. - London : Snow, 1839. - xii, 596 S. : Ill.

Campbell, William (1799-1878)


Campbell, William (*1799, †1878 in London). - Britischer Missionar in Indien.

Lit.: Badley, B. H.: Indian Missionary Directory and Memorial volume. - 3rd ed. - Calcutta : Methodist Publ. House, 1886, S. 35.

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