Einoo, Shingo

1999 Einoo: The Autumn Goddess Festival

Einoo, Shingo (永ノ尾, 信悟) (*1948)
„The Autumn Goddess Festival : described in the Purāṇas“. - In: Living with Śakti : gender, sexuality and religion in South Asia / ed. by Masakazu Tanaka .... - Osaka : National Museum of Ethnology, 1999, S. 33-70. - (Senri ethnological studies ; 50)

Einoo, Shingo (*1948)


Einoo, Shingo (永ノ尾信悟) (*1948). Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia Department of South Asian Studies (東洋文化研究所 南アジア研究部門), Tokyo University (東京大学).

Lit.: J-Global.


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