1893 Leitner: Dardistan in 1866, 1886 and 1893

Leitner, Gottlieb Wilhelm (1840-1899)
Dardistan in 1866, 1886 and 1893 : being an account of the history, religions, customs, legends, fables and songs of Gilgit, Chilás, Randiá (Gabriál), Yasin, Chitrál, Hunza, Nagyr and other parts of the Hindukush, as als a supplement to the second edition of the Hunza and Nagyr handbook ... and an epitome of Part III of the author's „The languages and races of Dardistan“ / by G. W. Leitner. With appendices on recent events, a map, and numerous illustrations. - Woking : Oriental University Institute, [s.a., ca. 1893]. - Getr. Zählung.

1877 Leitner: Languages and Races of Dardistan

Leitner, Gottlieb Wilhelm (1840-1899)
The languages and races of Dardistan / G. W. Leitner. With maps by E. G. Ravenstein and illustrations. - Lahore : Government Central Book Depôt, 1877. - 8, iv, 37, vii, 51, iii, 109, ii, 4 S. : Ill.
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