1848 Biblia: The Holy Bible in the Sanscrit Language ... 1

The Holy Bible in the Sanscrit language / transl. out of the original tongues by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with native assistants. - Vol. 1: Containing the five books of Moses and the book of Joshua. - Calcutta : Baptist Mission Press, 1848. - 414 S.
Einheitssachtitel: Biblia <Sanskrit>
Notiz: Nebentitel in Devanagari-Schr.: Ivrīyabhāṣāto vyākṛtaḥ Dharmagranthaḥ. - Tasya prathamaṃ khaṇḍaṃ yad vā Mūsasā racitaṃ granthapañcakaṃ Yihośūyapustakañ ca. - Kalikātānagare ... iṃ. 1848. - Nach Edward C. Starr: A Baptist Bibliography : being a register of printed material by and about Baptists ; including works written against the Baptists / ed. by Edward C. Starr. - Vol. 25: section We-Z. - Rochester, NY : American Baptist Historical Society, 1976, S. 35, W2589: „translated by William Yates and John Wenger“.

URL: http://www.archive.org/details/holybibleinsansc00gill (Internet Archive. Digitalisiert: 23. Juli 2009, Vorlage: Boston Univ.) [DjVu; G; PDF]

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