Yates, William

1846 Yates: Dictionary of Sanscrit and English

Yates, William (1792-1845)
A dictionary of Sanscrit and English, designed for the use of private students and of Indian colleges and schools / by W. Yates. - Calcutta : Baptist Mission Press, 1846. - 928 S.

1845 Yates: Grammar of the Sanscrit Language

Yates, William (1792-1845)
A grammar of the Sanscrit language : on a plan similar to that most commonly adopted in the learned languages of the West / by W. Yates. - 2nd ed., enlarged and improved. - Calcutta : Baptist Mission Press ; London : Allen, 1845. - xxi, 494 S.

1836 Yates: Introduction to the Hindustání language

Yates, William (1792-1845)
Introduction to the Hindustání language in three parts : viz., a grammar, vocabulary, and reading lessons / by W. Yates. Transferred into the Roman character by J. Thomas. - 3rd ed, improved. - Calcutta : Baptist Mission Press, 1836. - x, 158, 103 S.

1848 Biblia: The Holy Bible in the Sanscrit Language ... 1

The Holy Bible in the Sanscrit language / transl. out of the original tongues by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with native assistants. - Vol. 1: Containing the five books of Moses and the book of Joshua. - Calcutta : Baptist Mission Press, 1848. - 414 S.
Einheitssachtitel: Biblia <Sanskrit>

Yates, William (1792-1845)


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