Callaway, John

1818 Callaway: Vocabulary

Callaway, John (1792/1793-1841)
A Vocabulary : with useful phrases, and familiar dialogues, in the English, Portuguese, and Cingalese languages / by John Callaway. - Colombo : Wesleyan Mission Press, 1818. - viii, 151 S.

1829 Callaway: Yakkun Nattannawā

Callaway, John (1792/1793-1841) [Übers.]
Yakkun Nattannawā : a Cingalese poem, descriptive of the Ceylon system of demonology, to which is appended, the practices of a capua or devil priest, as described by a Budhist. And Kōlan Nattannawā, a Cingalese poem, descriptive of the characters assumed by natives of Ceylon in a masquerade / transl. by John Callaway. Illustrated with plates form Cingalese designs. - London : Oriental Translation Fund, 1829. - xi, 64 S. : Ill.

Callaway, John (1792/1793-1841)


Callaway, John (*ca. 1792/1793 in Boscastle, †23. Nov. 1841 in Banbury [er starb im 48. Lebensjahr]). Britischer Methodisten-Missionar in Sri Lanka.

Lit.: [VIAF ID: 47108787].

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