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2012 Samten: Catalogue of the ... Them spangs ma manuscript Kangyur

Samten, Jampa [u.a.]:
rGyal rtse Them spaṅgs ma'i bka' 'gyur dkar chag [tibet. Schrift] = Catalogue of the Ulan Bator rGyal rtse Them spangs ma manuscript Kangyur / Jampa Samten ; Hiroaki Niisaku ; Kelsang Tahuwa. - Rev. ed. - Tokyo : Yuishoji Buddhist Cultural Exchange Research Institute, 2012. - VIII, 243 S. : Ill.

1871-1872 Bühler: Catalogue of Sanskṛit Manuscripts Fasc. 1-3

Bühler, Georg (1837-1898)
A catalogue of Sanskṛit manuscripts : contained in the private libraries of Gujarât, Kâṭhiâvâd, Kachchh, Sindh, and Khândeś / compiled under the superintendence of G. Bühler. - Fasc. 1. - Bombay : Printed at the "Indu-Prakâsh" Press, 1871. - ix, 245 S.

1853 Weber: Verzeichniss der Sanskrit-Handschriften

Weber, Albrecht (1825-1901)
Verzeichniss der Sanskrit-Handschriften / von Herrn Dr. Weber. Mit sechs Schrifttafeln. - Berlin : Verlag der Nicolai'schen Buchhandlung, 1853. - XXIV, 481 S. - (Die Handschriften-Verzeichnisse der Königlichen Bibliothek ; 1)

1859 Schlagintweit: [Tibetische Handschriften]

Schlagintweit, Emil (1835-1904)
[Tibetische Handschriften : Gesammelt von A. H. und R. von Schlagintweit in Tibet 1854 - 58] / [verzeichnet unter Übersetzung der Titel von Emil Schlagintweit]. - [Zweibrücken], [nach 1859]. - 7 paginierte S. [Autograph]

2003 Pingree: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Sanskrit Astronomical Manuscripts

Pingree, David Edwin (1933-2005)
A descriptive catalogue of the Sanskrit astronomical manuscripts preserved at the Maharaja Man Singh II Museum in Jaipur, India / compiled by David Pingree from the notes taken by Setsuro Ikeyama, Christopher Minkowski, David, Kim Plofker, Sreeramula Rajeswara Sarma, and Gary Tubb. - Philadelphia : American Philosophical Society, 2003. - xvii, 173 S. - (Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society ; 250). - ISBN 0-87169-250-3.

1930 Nanjio: A catalogue of the Chinese translation of the Buddhist Tripitaka

Nanjio, Bunyiu (南条文雄) (1849-1927)
A catalogue of the Chinese translation of the Buddhist Tripitaka : the sacred canon of the Buddhists in China and Japan / compiled by order of the Secretary of State for India by Bunyiu Nanjio. - [Repr. der Originalausg.:] Oxford 1883. - Tōkyō : Nanjō Hakushi Kinen Kankōkwai, shōwa 4 [1930]. - xxxvi S., 480 Sp.

1869 Aufrecht: Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts

Aufrecht, Theodor (1822-1907)
Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in the library of the Trinity College, Cambridge / by Th. Aufrecht. - Cambridge : Deighton, Bell, & Co. ; London : Bell & Daldy, 1869. - viii, 111 S.

1911 Keith: Catalogue of Prākrit manuscripts

Keith, Arthur Berriedale (1879-1944)
Catalogue of Prākrit manuscripts in the Bodleian Library / by Arthur Berriedale Keith. With a preface by E. W. B. Nicholson. - Oxford : At the Clarendon Press, 1911. - viii, 53 S.

1902 Winternitz: A Catalogue of South Indian Sanskrit Manuscripts

Winternitz, Moriz (1863-1937)
A catalogue of South Indian Sanskrit manuscripts (especially those of the Whish collections) : belonging to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland / compiled by M. Winternitz. With an appendix by F. W. Thomas. - London : Royal Asiatic Society, 1902. - XV, 340 S. - (Asiatic Society Monographs)
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