Taylor, John

1854 Krsnamisra: Prabod'h Chandro'daya

Kṛṣṇamiśra (11./12. Jh.)
Prabod'h Chandro'daya, or, the moon of intellect : an allegorical drama ; and Atma Bod'h, or, the knowledge of spirit / transl. from the Shanscrit and Pracrit by J. Taylor. - Re-printed. - Calcutta : At the Poornochundrodoy Press, 1854. - xiii, 125 S.

Taylor, John (-1821)


Taylor, John (†6. Dez. 1821 in Shiraz, Iran). Er war ein „member of the Asiatic Society of Bombay and of the Literary Society of Bombay, who was born in Edinburgh and obtained the degree of M.D. from the university in 1804. He entered the Bombay service, was appointed assistant-surgeon on 26 March 1809, and was promoted to the rank of surgeon in 1821. He was the author of several translations from the Sanscrit“ (Dictionary of National Biography, vol. 55, S. 444 [Onlinefassung]).

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