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1875 Bilhana: Vikramankadevacharita

Bilhaṇa (11. Jh.)
विक्रमाङ्कदेवचरितम् = Vikramânkadevacharita : a life of king Vikramâditya-Tribhuvana Malla of Kalyâṇa / composed by his Vidyâpati Bilhaṇa. Ed. with an introduction by Georg Bühler. - Bombay : Government Central Book Depôt, 1875. - 46, 168, 2 S. - (Bombay Sanskrit Series ; 14) [Parallelt. in Devanagari-Schr.]

2011 Knutson: Vernacular Cosmopolitan

Knutson, Jesse (*19--)
„The Vernacular Cosmopolitan : Jayadeva's Gītagovinda“ / Jesse Ross Knutson. - In: South Asian texts in history : critical engagements with Sheldon Pollock / ed. by Yigal Bronner, Whitney Cox, and Lawrence McCrea. - Ann Arbor, Mich. : Association for Asian Studies, 2011. - (Asia past & present : new research from AAS ; 7), S. 125-149.

1832 Kalidasa: The Raghu Vansa

The Raghu Vansa, or race of Raghu : a historical poem / by Kálidása. With a prose interpretation of the text by pundits of the Sanscrit College of Calcutta. Prepared and printed under the authority of the Committee of Public Instruction. - Calcutta : Education Press, 1832. - 638 S.

1875 Regnaud: Les Stances érotiques, morales et religieuses

Regnaud, Paul (1838-1910) [Übers.]
Les Stances érotiques, morales et religieuses de Bhartrihari / trad. du Sanscrit par Paul Regnaud. - Paris : Leroux, 1875. - XVI, 114 S. - (Les classiques de l'Inde ancienne)

1874 Regnaud: Études sur les poètes sanscrits de l'époque classique

Regnaud, Paul (1838-1910)
Études sur les poètes sanscrits de l'époque classique : Bhartrihari, les Centuries / par Paul Regnaud. - Paris : Maisonneuve, 1874. - 100 S.

2008 Harris: Obtaining Grace

Harris, Anthony Gardner (*1973)
Obtaining grace : locating the origins of a Tamil Śaiva precept / by Anthony Gardner Harris. - Austin : The Univ. of Texas at Austin, 2008. - xi, 234 S.

1862 Parashuram Pant Godboley: Selections from the Maráthí Poets

Paraśurāma Panta Goḍabole (19. Jh.)
Selections from the Maráthí poets = नवनीत अथवा मराठी कवितांचे वेंचे by Parashurám Pant Godboley : to which are added a paper on Marathi versification and biographical and critical notices of the principal Marathi poets / by Bháskar Dámodar [Bhāskara Dāmodara]. - 4th ed. - Bombay : Indu Prakash Press, 1862. - 5, 5, 321, 34 S. [Parallelt. in Devanagari-Schr., Text in Marathi]

1862 Raverty: Selections from the Poetry of the Afghāns

Raverty, Henry George (1825-1906)
Selections from the poetry of the Afghāns : from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centry / literally transl. from the original Pus'hto, with notices of the different authors and remarks on the mystic doctrine and poetry of the Ṣūfīs by H. G. Raverty. - London : Williams and Norgate, 1862. - XXXII, 348 S.

1869 Widmann: Buddha

Widmann, Joseph Victor (1842-1911)
Buddha : eine epische Dichtung in zwanzig Gesängen / von Joseph Viktor Widmann. - Bern : Dalp, 1869. - VII, 259 S.

1848 Schiefner: Beiträge zur Kritik des Bhartṛhari

Schiefner, Anton (1817-1879)
„Beiträge zur Kritik des Bhartṛhari aus Çārńgadhara's Paddhatī“ / von Anton Schiefner. - In: Bulletin de la classe historico-philologique de l'Académie Impériale des sciences de St.-Pétersbourg. - Tome 4 (1848), No. 18, Sp. 273-284.
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