1845 Fenger: Geschichte der Trankebarschen Mission

Fenger, Johannes Ferdinand (1805-1861)
Geschichte der Trankebarschen Mission / nach den Quellen bearbeitet von J. Ferd. Fenger ; aus dem Dänischen übers. von Emil Francke. - Grimma : Gebhardt, 1845. - XVI, 299 S.

1839 Campbell: British India

Campbell, William (1799-1878)
British India in its relation to the decline of Hindooism, and the progress of Christianity : containing remarks on the manners, customs, and literature of the people ; on the effects which idolatry has produced on the support which the British government has afforded to their superstitions ; on education, and the medium through which it should be given / by the Rev. William Campbell. Ill. with engravings on wood by G. Baxter. - London : Snow, 1839. - xii, 596 S. : Ill.

1848 Biblia: The Holy Bible in the Sanscrit Language ... 1

The Holy Bible in the Sanscrit language / transl. out of the original tongues by the Calcutta Baptist Missionaries with native assistants. - Vol. 1: Containing the five books of Moses and the book of Joshua. - Calcutta : Baptist Mission Press, 1848. - 414 S.
Einheitssachtitel: Biblia <Sanskrit>

1886 Badley: Indian Missionary Directory

Badley, Brenton Hamline (1849-1891)
Indian Missionary Directory and Memorial Volume / by B. H. Badley. - 3rd ed. - Calcutta : Methodist Publishing House, 1886. - ix, 302 S.

1857 Caldwell: Lectures on the Tinnevelly missions

Caldwell, Robert (1814-1891)
Lectures on the Tinnevelly missions, descriptive of the field, the work, and the results : with an introductory lecture on the progress of Christianity in India / by the Rev. R. Caldwell. - London : Bell & Daldy, 1857. - 134 S.

1841 Brauer: Die Heidenboten ... 3

Brauer, Johann Hartwig (19. Jh.)
Die Heidenboten Friedrichs IV. von Dänemark / von Johann Hartwig Brauer. - [Bd.] 3: Benjamin Schultze in dänischem Missions-Dienste zu Trankebar und Madras und seine Mitarbeiter. - Hamburg : In Commission bei Perthes-Besser u. Mauke, 1841. - X, 182 S. - (Beiträge zur Geschichte der Heidenbekehrung ; 4)

1850 Muir: A short life of the apostle Paul

Muir, John (1810-1882)
A short life of the apostle Paul with a summary of Christian doctrine, as unfolded in his epistles : in Sanskrit verse with an English version and Bengalee and Hindee translations / [J. M.]. - Calcutta : Bishop's College Press, 1850. - vii, 65, 108, [3], 116, 98 S.

1848 Muir: A brief account of our Lord's life and doctrines

Muir, John (1810-1882)
A brief account of our Lord's life and doctrines in Sanskrit verse : with an English preface containing a summary of the contents / [by John Muir]. - Calcutta : Ostell and Lepage, 1848. - xxiii, 84, [2] S.

1846 Muir: The course of divine revelation

Muir, John (1810-1882)
The course of divine revelation : a brief outline of the communications of God's will to man, and of the evidences and doctrines of christianity with allusions to Hindu tenets in Sanskrit, Hindi and English / [J. M.]. - Calcutta : Baptist Mission Press, 1846. - 36, 93, 92 S.

1872 Butler: The land of the Veda

Butler, William (1818-1899)
The land of the Veda : being personal reminiscences of India; its people, castes, thugs, and fakirs; its religions, mythology, principal monuments, palaces, and mausoleums: together with the incidents of the great Sepoy rebellion, and its results to Christianity and civilization ... Also, statistical tables of Christian missions, and a glossary of Indian terms used in this work and in missionary correspondence / by Rev. William Butler, D.D. - New York : Carlton & Lanahan [u.a.], 1872. - 550 S. : Ill., Kt.
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